About LOIS.

For women by women (although we have some very supportive and wonderful men working with us behind the scenes!), LOIS. was born out of the need to foster real and authentic relationships between women and to support the creation of a community of women passionate about empowering each other. We want to connect Tasmanian women and encourage them to elevate one another rather than compete with each other. It excites us to think about about what we are giving the women of Tasmania – a new favourite store, a delicious recipe, somewhere to go and pamper yourself, a new friend or even inspiration to start a journey of your own. 

We believe that the information we provide should be readily accessible to ALL women at any time. This is why LOIS. is a free publication. Our magazine can be found at boutiques, salons and cafes around Tasmania – places that women go to feel beautiful, catch up with friends or spend a well deserved day off. Named after Gaye’s mother Lois the publication is a celebration of her life and a generational journey of women-hood.

Tasmania’s first and only FREE magazine for women.

LOIS. was created by mother/daughter team Samantha Christian and Gaye Wright, and is named after Gaye’s own mother.

With over 30 years combined experience in community newspaper publishing Sam & Gaye are excited to introduce you to LOIS.