Editorial Submissions

It is our vision that LOIS. will connect the women of Australia through inspiring content, therefore it is incredibly important that our content is reflective of this vision. All content published in LOIS. should be measured against the below criteria.


LOIS. is about connecting women. Is a platform for women to share their stories without fear of sensationalism.

We are a community. LOIS. wishes to raise awareness and funds for research and awareness campaigns for Ovarian Cancer, the silent killer amongst women. We are feminist however we do not feel the need to tear men down in order to build women up. We are a publication with no agenda other than to make women feel inspired, supported and welcomed. Is your piece: Inspiring, Educational, Entertaining, Positive, or Newsworthy? Please consider if your content meets the above requirements before submission.

Want to know more? email our editor – samantha@loismag.com.au